Question for you.  Do you write in your books?

I came across this article and started thinking about my own habits with my own books.

The Art of Marginalia 

How do you feel about this?  I love finding old books with writing in them. I do write in my own books as well, but this makes me not want to lend them out to others.  I fear they would judge me!

The article mentions ebooks and the fact that you can see when others have underlined a passage.  I remember once reading an ebook and seeing that one particular passage had been underlined nearly seventy times by other readers. At first this function annoyed me but after awhile I loved seeing this, it’s fun to see how others are reacting to a book.  It is like an introverts book club.  Everyone gets to share their favorite passages without ever having to actually interact with someone.

I like to go back and see what I wrote in books.  Sometimes I am amazed at what I thought was important or I am impressed with a little note I made about a character.  Sometimes I look back and I have no clue as to why I underlined a sentence. It’s like looking back on the person you used to be, it’s fun to see how much you have grown or changed over the years.

Do you write in nonfiction books?  Do you write in fiction books? Do you just underline or do you leave yourself little notes as well?


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