How do you read?

So, I have been missing for some time now.  Between some family issues, work, and grad school (guess who is on the path to becoming a legit librarian!) I have been pretty busy.   I am going to try and slowly start up the reviews again.  I miss the interaction with other book lovers.  I find that I read more blogs when I am keeping up with my own.  So with all my excuses and whining out of the way, let’s get bookish!

How do you all read?


Ever since I found Goodreads my TBR list has been out of control and I try to fit in a little reading whenever I can.  I was lucky (or unlucky, depending on the day) enough to take the train to and from work every day, giving me a good 30-40 minutes extra to read each day. But then I thought, what about the time spent walking to the train?  What about waiting for the train?  This is a time I could be reading!  Yeah, turns out, I can’t read and walk.  I have tried.

So, audiobooks?

I was hesitant, thinking I would never pay close enough attention or that the narrators’ voice would annoy me.  I was wrong, I love my audiobooks!  I do tend to increase the speed while listening to some though. I have found that there are a few narrators that speak way too slow.  If I were speaking with them I feel like I would make that hand motion that means “hurry it up”. But there are also some amazing narrators out there as well.  I have even picked an audiobook simply because I know I love the narrator.  I have also started to listen to audiobooks in the car.  They are super calming when I am stuck in traffic. I actually enjoy a little traffic now!

I am also curious if you consider a book you listened to as “read”.  There is an ongoing (like 5 years ongoing!) debate about this at my school.  I say audiobooks count as reading but there are a few that say you must say that you “listened to the book but did not read” when talking to people.  Those people are crazy, right?

We can even go beyond audiobooks?  What about ebooks?  I do have a lot of ebooks and I have no issue with reading on a tablet or the computer but I tend to forget I even have those books.  Out of sight, out of mind.   I had to make a “shelf” on Goodreads to help me remember that I have around 30 books waiting to be read!

What else is there?  Do you have preferences between hardcover and paperback? (no preference here)  Do you refuse to purchase the book with the movie cover?  I try to avoid it but, if it is cheaper or if I like one of the actors (looking at your Tom Hiddleston), I  will probably buy the book.

The Night manager
Tom is welcome on my bookshelf.


I would love to hear about your reading habits.


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