ThrowBackThursday . . . Book Style

The Girl in the BoxThe Girl in the Box by Quida Sebestyen

Rating 5 out of 5 magical coffee cups

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My library has decided to organize the books by genre.  It is a lot of work but so far it has been worth every stressed out moment.  To complete this project I have been forced to handle every single book; choosing a genre, placing a genre sticker on each book and changing the book in the catalog.  Because of this I have found some books that haven’t been checked out in a while.  I have been calling these books “oldies but goodies”.

This gem right here is my first oldie.

This is a strange and disturbing book.  Jackie is pulled off the street and thrown into a basement like room with no light.  She has food, water and a typewriter she had been holding at the time (yeah, the typewriter shows the age of the book- 1980’s!).  She is able to touch type in the dark so with nothing else to do she begins to type.  She writes to her parents, the police, her friends, a teacher, even simply to herself.  I can’t really say more without ruining the ending but this book will mess with you just a little bit. 

I do like this book for lessons in journaling though.  I mean the girl just keeps writing!  I don’t know how many times students have said they have nothing to write about and this book would show them that they can find something to write about if they just stop and think.  It made me want to start journaling again.  Maybe a story would surface out of my ramblings!

Spoiler below*


Don’t go on if you don’t want the ending spoiled!  



Last warning!



That ending!  How can someone end a book like that? Is she still there?  I really thought there would be a second book to tell us what happened but no, it just ends.  I guess the most logical conclusion would be that she died but maybe the guy came back to restock her food and water, maybe she was found, maybe she somehow got out?  What if the lights suddenly came on and she saw a way to escape?  Please someone, write a second book! 

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