Where Dolphins Walk

Where Dolphins Walk by Douglas Keehn

This author has had a beautiful life! I always assumed pilots loved to travel, why else would they be pilots. In this book, Mr. Keehn talks about his attraction to South American travel. More and more, he requested trips to explore our southern neighbors. But this book is more than merely a memoir. Yes, you will read about the amazing sights, fabulous food, and great conversations that he experienced, but you will also learn with him. Mr. Keehn will be your guide, and as you read, you start to see how Americans live an unconnected and fast-paced life.

I found myself agreeing with so much in this book. I often said to myself, “exactly!” or “that makes so much sense!” as I read. I loved the quote, “slow does not always equal lazy, and also should not be confused with bad.” I struggled with this last year when I started a new job. I felt horrible that my goals were going to take a lot longer than I had first thought. There were a lot of moments where I had to step back to see what I had accomplished and to remind myself that I still had tomorrow or the next day.

Although the author’s journey is much different from mine, it makes me feel better about some of the decisions I have made. When I first started to make some choices that allowed me to slow down in my life, I would often tell people that I felt lazy or that I must not care anymore. I felt like it was wrong of me to take time for myself while everyone else was pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion. Now I think about another quote from this book, “Too much positive energy can be misdirected and wasted attempting to change the unchangeable.”

Take time for yourself and read this book!

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