The Breach

The Breach by Patrick Lee

5 out of 5 Magical Coffee Cups

From publisher:

Trying to regain his life in the Alaskan wilds, ex-cop Travis Chase stumbles upon an impossible scene: a crashed 747 passenger jet filled with the murdered dead, including the wife of the President of the United States. Though a nightmare of monumental proportions, it pales before the terror to come, as Chase is dragged into a battle for the future that revolves around an amazing artifact. Allied with a beautiful covert operative whose life he saved, Chase must now play the role he’s been destined for — a pawn of incomprehensible forces or humankind’s final hope — as the race toward Apocalypse begins in earnest.

Like most people during covid, I spent a fair amount of time online. While chatting online, I met an author. Lots of great conversations later, I decided to give some of his books a chance. His books are not my usual reads, but I had to give them a try…

And I’m so glad I did because it was so much fun! I was a little shocked by the violence (As I said, I don’t usually read this type of book), but there was so much action happening page after page. There were multiple futuristic crazy science things that I did not fully understand or believe at times, but once I gave into the possibilities, it was awesome!

Travis Chase finds a crashed jet and soon finds himself right in the middle of some government craziness. I’m talking one insane event after another. I started this book aiming to read a chapter or two each day. I couldn’t put this book down! I needed answers! I had to stop myself from reaching out to the author with questions so many times. I don’t think he would have answered them anyway.

I fully intend to read the rest of the series. I need more answers!!

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